What to expect from Fresh 48 Hospital sessions

Fresh 48

May 29th 2024

Fresh 48 sessions are captured within the first 12-48 hours of your baby’s life while in the hospital.

When to book your fresh 48 hospital session?

Due to the unpredictable nature of due dates and the on-call schedule, the early you book your session the better. I suggest that you reach out and book your session during your second trimester. This will allow me as your photographer to plan in advance not to plan out of town trips and leave some flexibility around the weeks before and after your due date, which is the date we will reserve. This is why I will usually take a limited number of sessions per month, so I am available the date your baby arrives.

How to Book Your Fresh 48 Session?

Fresh 48s are one of my favorite sessions to photograph, so I will be very excited to hear from you. To reserve your session, all you need to do is, first contact me and find my availability. Then, if we decide to work together, you will sign the fresh 48 contract and pay a portion of the total cost of the session. The entire process is super easy and simple! After your session is reserved, You will receive my guide with easy tips on what to bring to the hospital for your session and how to contact me once you are in the hospital.

What happens the day of your session?

Once you have contacted me that the baby was born, I will give you the exact time that I will be coming to the hospital to photograph your baby. The session takes place between 11 am and 2 pm, and we will coordinate to have siblings and anyone that you’d like in your session there at the same time. Sessions are usually an hour long. I will come in and turn off all lights and open the windows for natural light. Try to tidy up the areas closer to the window and place bags in the closet. Postpartum rooms are small, so we try to put everything that you don’t want in your pictures away. I also suggest notifying the visitors that you will have a photographer coming in so that we don’t have interruptions during your session. Since the room is small, and I will be moving around finding the best angles and light, I suggest that the only ones preset in the room are the ones participating in the fresh 48 session.

After your session

You will receive your online gallery with 10 sneak peek 24 hours after your session. Your full gallery will be delivered 2 weeks after. You will be able to order birth announcements, prints or an album of your session to always keep your sweet memories close. All my clients have loved their session so much and are able to see all the first hours meeting their new baby. These first hours are always filled with blood pressure checks and doctors in out, so it is always hard to remember the most important day of your baby. Remember that a fresh 48 sessions are not just about capturing pictures, it’s about freezing time and preserving the raw beauty of those precious first moments with your newborn. As you embark on this journey of parenthood, take the time to cherish and celebrate every moment, and let fresh 48 photography help you remember this date. Contact me here to book your Fresh 48 session today. If you have a scheduled fresh 48 session with me already, Can’t wait to meet you and your family!

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