How To Prepare For Your Utah Newborn Photography Session


March 18 2024.

Congratulations! Are you looking forward to your Utah newborn photography session with your little one?

One of the most frequently asked questions I get as a Utah Newborn Photographer is how to prepare for a lifestyle newborn photography session. I know preparing your family for your session can seem overwhelming therefore I want to help you make the process as stress free and fun as possible! I decided to make this guide for both In-home lifestyle and studio newborn sessions to show you that is not as difficult as it may seem, with some simple steps.

I Am Just One Text Away!

Contact me via text message once you have arrived home from the hospital to schedule your official date. I know we’ve talked about this date a few months ago when you reserved your session and just like that, time flew by so quickly. Reserving your session in advance offers the flexibility of just coming home from the hospital and contacting your photographer to get your newborn baby photographed within the sweet newborn period. Babies change so fast and the best time to capture fresh newborn details is from a few days old to two-three weeks old. If you didn’t have the chance to reserve your session before, that is okay. Please contact me and I can help you get on my schedule as soon I have availability.

Get Your Home Ready

Most In-home lifestyle newborn sessions take place in the baby’s nursery, master bedroom or living room, depending where the natural light on those areas is best. Tidy the areas of your home where we will be photographing in. Master bedroom, I do suggest making the bed and clear nightstand clutter. Some clutter is expected on your nightstands for example, picture frames are fine so it does not need to look completely empty. The goal of in-home lifestyle newborn photography is to make sure your images represent your life as a family. I would put away anything else that you don’t want in your photos like cellphone chargers, baby monitor, lotions and same for the living room. Easy tip: put everything in a laundry basket in the closet so it can be easily placed right back when the session is done. I offer a video call to all my sessions prior to session date to tour the areas of the home that you love the most so we can determine if those areas would be great for photography. This is a great opportunity to meet and plan the session for any other questions that you might have. I love this for planning outfits as well and give you a tour of my clients wardrobe that will be complimentary for your session.

The studio is always a great option. If you are having the session in my natural light white studio located in South Jordan, it will be ready for you with everything we need for our session. I use minimal props such as a moses bassinet and all white daybed. I change it with every session so no two sessions are alike. If the weather is nice we can step outside and take some outdoors as well.

Both sessions, In-home and studio are beautiful and convenient for parents. it is personal preference which one is best for your family. I wanted to captured my newborn nursery and this is the reason I chose to have my newborn photography session in my home.

If you are having the newborn session at your home, feed baby 20 minutes prior I arrive. If you are having the session at our natural light studio, feed baby prior leaving your home or as soon as you arrive in the studio if your home is more than 20 minutes away. Our newborn session will last approximately 90 minutes and therefore it is always a great idea to bring an extra formula or pumped breast milk, bottles to feed baby again once or twice during the session. The studio has a bottle warmer for you to use and we will take breaks for feeding and diaper changing as needed. I do keep water and juice in the studio for parents and older siblings. Most newborn sessions take place in the morning around 10:30 am or 11 am.

Hair and make up is available for mom to get pampered in the comfort of your home or the studio. I can arrange this for you before your session. I know those first nights with your newborn can feel overwhelming so if I can help you with this or anything to make this date easier, please let me know. I am here for you to create an easy and relaxed experience the whole time. I will schedule the time for you before the session start and coordinate for you to arrive with baby earlier and then dad with siblings later if the session takes place in the studio and coordinate what works best for your family.

baby in mothers arms

What To Pack In Your Diaper Bag For Your Newborn Photography Session

If your session is at your home, skip this part because this is one of the wonderful things about having the session in your home, no packing a diaper bag needed. However, I do suggest having a few items nearby: Burp cloth and a pacifier. A pacifier is helpful during the session to keep baby distracted and happy.

If you are coming to the studio I suggest bringing 3-4 extra diapers and wipes. A burp cloth and pacifier. The studio has a cute diaper changing table with diapers and wipes. I keep extra pacifiers so if you forget, no worries.

There is plenty of parking outside. Please bring baby in the carseat into the studio.

Choose Your Outfits

When it comes to newborn photography, comfort is key. For baby, I recommend a simple kimono bodysuit in a neutral color, you can find some here. For your family, choose a color palette and pick mom’s dress or outfit first. Then dress everyone else playing with the colors that compliment mom’s dress. Stay comfortable and don’t worry about shoes, barefoot is best. If your session is at your home, look around and keep in mind your home decor and nursery decor when choosing outfits for your family. You don’t need to match your home color, the goal is to have a cohesive look that looks well together.

I provide client wardrobe for mothers and babies. Prior to your session we will discuss this option during a video call which is complimentary so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a dress. I have multiple dresses s-xl that also are postpartum friendly. I will stay away from logos or heavy patterns that would be too distracting in your photos.

Lifestyle newborn sessions are true to life. During our session you can expect a lot of snuggling and holding your baby in a way that you would in real life.

Preparing Older Children For Your Newborn Photography Session

It is always a good idea to prepare your older children for the session. Here are some tips:

Get them excited about their little brother or sister photography session. If you had a prior newborn session with them, share pictures and tell stories from when they were little so they laugh. We can bring this up during the session to get that sweet smile. I suggest bringing a little snack, juice or water as well. It is okay to bring a special toy or their special support blanket if they want. We can do some photos with and some without it. It will bring back some sweet memories when you look back at your images. I love when kids can be themselves and enjoy this time with you and the new little one.

Relax and Have Fun!

I will guide you and your family through natural posing and capture baby’s unique personality. From those wrinkly little feet to all the snuggles, feedings and anything in between. My goal is to take any stress out of the whole experience leaving you with beautiful and natural memories of your family.

What questions do you have? if you have any questions please contact me here. As your newborn photographer, I am extremely flexible and understand birth is unpredictable . Babies will come on their own schedule and things might not happen as planned. I am here to accommodate your family in the best possible way.

After Your Session.

I will edit all your images by hand and send the gallery via email within two weeks or less. Your will have the option to order prints or an album to preserve your memories. I know that If I don’t do this for you, you might get so busy with your baby that your photos might stay in your phone or computer longer. This is why I offer the convenience of printing. It does feel more special when you can hold and feel photographs with your own hands and share with loved ones when they visit you at home.

Thank you so much for trusting me to document your newborn, looking forward meeting you and your sweet little one soon!

If you are reading this and haven’t reserved your newborn session and love this tips, please contact me here to begin your personalized experience.

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About the photographer

Iris Graciela is a photographer based in Salt Lake City Utah and offers relaxed lifestyle newborn sessions in home and at her natural light studio located in South Jordan. She travels to most areas in Utah and beyond to capture your special family moments. She enjoys to get to know the families she has the opportunity to work with and loves to preserve their special moments to last a lifetime. Interested in booking your Utah Newborn Photography Session? Reach out for more details here.

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