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February 19th 2024,

Big Spring Park Family Photos.

provo canyon family photos

Every stage of parenthood, whether you are a first-time parent, managing a newborn, or raising toddlers or teens, each season is unique, special and worthy of documenting. As a sentimental mama, I’ve learned the importance of documenting every season. The moments with our children will pass in a blink of an eye however the photos we take with our family today will last a lifetime. You will always be able to look back at these memories and share them with your children years from now.

I’m going to share 5 reasons why I believe it is so important to have your family photographed every year.

1.Family photos capture a precious time

Family photos capture precious moments that might happen once in lifetime. Announcing your pregnancy, the anticipation, finally meeting your baby and special celebrations. Life is full of meaningful and beautiful moments with your family and with photographs you will be able to hold on onto those moments for a lifetime.

I know it can get expensive documenting your pregnancy, birth, newborn photos but often times we give priority and purchase things that don’t last and even worse we never use.

2. Family photos are fun!

My goal is always to capture the authentic moments of love and connection during a session. You don’t need to worry about your children looking perfectly smiling at the camera or how they behave. The best way to enjoy your session is to come ready to have fun and let all the expectations behind. The best approach is go with the flow, allowing the moments to unfold naturally. If your kids are little and all they want is to explore, I really encourage just that with parents following them and playing as well. When parents are playful, the outcome is always magical natural moments.

mom walking during family photo, provo canyon

3. Family Photos create beautiful home decor

Nothing makes a house feel more like a home than decorating the walls with your family story. A beautiful wall full of love will make you smile and remember those special moments of joy and connection every time you walk by adding a meaningful touch to your home.

4. Family photos capture Mom in front of the camera

As moms we spend the majority of time taking the pictures and later realize that we are not in the photos with our children. Your kids will want to see you in their photos. They will see the amazing woman you are, the one who loved them more than anything in the world. It will all be captured in these images which will be some of the greatest keepsakes you will leave them.

5. Family photos preserve your Family Legacy

This is the most important one! This is especially important for young families, who grow up so quickly and change so much in such a short amount of time. Family photos will help you remember the joy and innocence of your children’s early years and will provide tangible forever memories to look back in the future.

Once you have a full gallery with beautiful family photos and memories, now what? I help all my clients to print and preserve their photos in heirloom albums that last forever. You will enjoy these memories 20, 30, 40+ years from now with your kids that will not be kids anymore and they will be able to share with their own kids, laugh and tell stories about these beautiful moments.

This family session was full of fun. I have known mom for a couple of years and photographed her pregnancy before. We met at Big Spring Park in Provo Canyon, this location is absolutely gorgeous for family photos. This was the end of September during the start of the Fall season where family photos are always popular at this location. Because there are so many families wanting photos during this busy time, I recommend booking early, specially if you are looking for a specific date or weekend. If I had to pick a specific month to have Fall family photos in Utah, I would pick the first week of October.

For your family session, I will walk you through exactly how to prepare your family, provide you with a session guide for what to wear, guide you and your family throughout the session so that your time is enjoyable and you love your photos. As your photographer I always want my clients to have the best experience possible. Therefore a lot happens way before the session date. I will give you all the best tips I can before your session date. During the session, I will give you props and fun games. On the photography session shared above, children were five and three at the time of the session and all they wanted was to explore and run around the entire time. Mom wanted lots of candid photos so this was perfect! I hope you have enjoyed some of my favorites images from this session.

mom and children in bing spring park ,fall family photos

As a Utah Photographer, I love the opportunity to photograph families in their element either at home or at beautiful locations like this one. Utah has so many beautiful locations and I cannot wait to meet you and help you capture your family story! let’s connect

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