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December 10th, 2023.

As a Utah Newborn Photographer and a mom, I know prepping for a newborn can feel a bit overwhelming. There are so many options out there about the best car seat, stroller, crib, breast pumps, so many bottles options, etc. You will be busy searching to find the best for your little one. I am here to help with some essentials on what to pack in your hospital bag. My best advice is to keep it simple and bring just essentials to the hospital. You will be in one room when you get admitted and then transferred to a different room, your husband will be carrying multiple bags and things can get lost plus most hospitals have everything you need. If you like to take your own things like me, here is a list of essentials things to help you.

  1. Cell phone & charger: Extra long charging cord, most outlets are not going to be close to your bed. Earbuds/headphones and make sure you clear your phone memory beforehand to make room for all of the new baby photos you’ll be taking!
  2. Robe: Choose a robe that is comfortable and soft to stay warm and cozy. Something with nursing access. A cardigan, you may get cold and need extra comfort to keep you warm. I brought a throw blanket to the hospital when I had my daughter. It was more comfortable than the hospital blanket and this made my stay away from home more cozy and comfortable.
  3. Non-slip socks/ sleepers & shower shoes: The hospital provides non- slip socks but I found them to be not so comfortable. Also, hospitals floors are not the cleanest and therefore having something that you can slip on and off that is safe and comfortable will be best.
  4. Toiletries : I recommend travel sized amounts in a toiletry bag. Toothbrush, toothpaste, mouthwash, if you wear contacts bring case and saline solution, glasses, body wash, shampoo & conditioner, hair ties, light makeup, lip balm, deodorant, lotion, face wash and bath towels for you and your partner, just the same as you were traveling. If you forget some of these, don’t worry most hospitals provide most of these items, ask your nurse.
  5. Postpartum care items Nipple cream, drinks and snacks. Underwear, if your prefer maxi-pads the hospital will provide mesh panties and pads. Nursing bra, whether you are planning to nurse or not these will provide the right support when you want to be cozy in the hospital. If taking vitamins, bring them and mention that to your nurse. They will take care of you and anything you need to take.
  6. Important documents: Bring your ID, insurance cards and info for your birth preference plan. Pediatrician information and a folder to store all important paperwork. Your wallet to buy food. Most hospitals provide room service for you but not for your partner. We ordered out and had chipotle for my very first meal. There weren’t many options around and I was so hungry after being NPO (nothing by mouth) for two days. Yes, for me was that long since I had a very long and slow labor induction due to my baby having a congenital heart defect diagnosis. She is a rockstar and doing so well.
  7. What to pack for your baby: Infant cart-seat. You can leave it in the car until the day baby goes home. The hospital won’t let you leave without one. Newborn going home outfit 0-3 , 2-3 newborn pajamas, 1-2 swaddles, hat, socks/booties, hand mittens and a blanket. Bring a diaper bag with some diapers and wipes. The hospital will provide diaper and wipes for you so you can keep your diaper bag in your car. You’ll also want a winter blanket during the winter months. Utah gets really cold.
  8. Finally, when to pack your hospital bag? I suggest as early as your 3rd-trimester. Also, in the case that you want to have personalized or matching items for mom and baby, you will want to allow enough time for ordering and shipping. Being prepared, if you have an unexpected early delivery, you’ll have a few things ready to go. My daughter arrived at 37 weeks. I went to my follow-up appointment at 35 weeks and my blood pressure was elevated. My doctor scheduled me for an induction two weeks later. Sometimes you don’t have two weeks, having a few things ready is best. I hope this list helps you and if you have any other hospital bag must haves, leave a comment below for others moms to see.

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