What to wear for family Photos | 5 Tips from a Utah family Photographer.


November 17th, 2023.

I know selecting outfits for everyone can be one of the most challenging parts of planning a photo session. I often hear moms say: “It only took 3 trips to the store”. The wardrobe you select will make a huge impact on the final appearance of your photographs this is why as your South Jordan Family Photographer, I am focused on providing quality service to make this experience as easy as possible for all families I have the opportunity to work with.

Here are five tips for styling your family for your next portrait session!

1. Begin by choosing a color palette and coordinate your family’s outfits. Avoid matching logos and heavy patterns. They’re very distracting in portraits and will date your family photos. I always recommend neutral and muted colors as they create a fresh and classic look. Your photos will look clean and timeless, perfect for family heirlooms you’ll treasure forever and pass down one day. Elegant neutrals never go out of style!

2. Dress Mom First: Dresses are always beautiful  because they flatter every female body. I recommend long, flowy, textured dresses. Wait, can I wear jeans instead of a dress for my photo session? Absolutely! It will look just as beautiful! If you’d like a more casual look outfit with jeans, I recommend you pair the lighter colors jeans with a timeless top with textured details to elevate your outfit. 

3.Next, dads outfit. Keep it simple and neutral.  White, gray, beige, soft blues, green button downs, henley shirts, and soft t-shirts look great. 

4.For your little ones, say yes to classic and timeless pieces! If you have multiple children, I recommend coordinating their outfits and not matching. 

5. Always have a plan B and keep one extra outfit specially for the little ones or dress them right before the session in the car or in the studio.

*BONUS TIP* Find a photographer that offers a client wardrobe and session styling.

What is a client wardrobe?

It is a curated collection of beautiful dresses that are perfect for every stage of motherhood. Dresses are timeless, romantic and photograph beautifully. I started a client wardrobe to help my clients plan their session without stressing over ordering and returning outfits online or multiple trips to the store. Instead we select one or two of these beautiful dresses alone with a color palette and style the rest of your family.

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