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January 23 2024,

If you are reading this, chances are that you are pregnant, congratulations! Being pregnant is one of the most beautiful experiences one could ever be part of. And not only moms, but for dads too. Finding the right location for your baby’s special day is an important decision. With so many options for birth centers in Utah, this decision can become a bit overwhelming. As a Utah Newborn Photographer, I work with a lot of parents who prefer to give birth in a non-traditional way, and choosing to go with the birthing center experience. I became a mom in 2021 and had a very complicated pregnancy, so this option of birth centers was not for me. I enjoyed learning about this topic while doing all my research and talking to other moms. If you are an expecting mom looking for birth centers in Utah, I hope this list helps you find the right Utah birth center for your family.

maternity photoshoot in Saratoga springs Utah- Iris Graciela Photography

First, what is a birth center? A birth center is a healthcare facility that provides a home-like setting for low risk moms-to-be who are wanting a natural birth experience but don’t feel comfortable giving birth at home. Birth centers are freestanding and not a hospital.

What to know : Some Advantages and disadvantages of delivering a baby in a birthing center over in the hospital. Birth center deliveries are typically attended by a team of CNMs (Certified Nurse Midwife) CMS (Certified midwife) CPMs (certified professional midwife) and nurses. Some birth centers have doctors on site, while others may work in collaboration with an obstetrician-gynecologist, pediatricians and other health care professionals in the event that more specialized care is needed. For low risk moms- to-be expecting one baby, a birth center can be the perfect alternative over a hospital delivery, specially if you are looking for a calm environment and want things to run its course naturally. Birthing center patients can move freely, have access to hydrotherapy, breathing exercises, partner can be more involved in the experience and often can even help to catch the baby. While this is also possible in a hospital delivery for low risk moms-to-be, there are routine procedures during a hospital delivery that aren’t common in a birthing center. Some hospitals recommend an Intravenous (IV) even for moms choosing an unmedicated birth while others hospitals will require an IV port inserted even if you do not want IV fluids or medications. This is in case of an emergency, an IV port provides quickly access and for some hospitals this non-negotiable. No setting is perfect. It is a good idea to know your options, the hospital policy and learn about the different facilities available out there for you. While the laws vary by state, in Utah, every person giving birth has the legal right to choose wherever they would like to have their baby as long as it is the right and safest option for them. This includes the hospital, birth center, or home birth.

Choose the birth center in Utah that fits your family best:

  1. My family Birth Center

My family birth center is conveniently located in Ogden, Utah and offers several personalized options for labor and delivery. You may choose, for example, to deliver your baby in their center or in the comfort of your own home. You also have the option to give birth conventionally or to use hydrotherapy techniques. They are nationally accredited by the commission of birth centers accreditations and accept insurance. They are also located just two minutes from Ogden Regional Medical Center.

maternity photoshoot in Saratoga springs Utah- Iris Graciela Photography

2. Utah Birth Suites

Utah Birth Suites offers care for new moms-to-be starting at 12 weeks to 6 weeks postpartum. You can find the entire process here: what to expect. Writing what to expect, reminded me about the movie”what to expect when you are expecting”. I loved this movie and I remember watching it the day before I found out I was pregnant with my baby girl. Going back to Utah Birth suites, they are conveniently located in 1883 N 1120 W, Provo, UT 84604 and offer both home birth and center birth to families in Utah and surrounding states.

maternity photoshoot in Saratoga springs Utah- Iris Graciela Photography
maternity photoshoot in Saratoga springs Utah- Iris Graciela Photography

3. Wasatch Midwifery + Wellness

Wasatch Midwifery + Wellness was built to create a luxurious, welcoming, and safe spa-like setting for families to deliver their babies. The wellness center is conveniently located in Holladay, UT and offers spacious and modern suites. Each private birth room features: a large freestanding tub, birthing aids including birth balls, birth stools, hanging yoga sling, soft spa robes, clients have access to their kitchen, laundry and WIFI during your stay and full mountain views. They welcome Doulas and family members in the center to assist with your labor. Some frequently asked questions here. Placenta encapsulation is available after birth for an additional fee. They specialize in both home births and birthing at their gorgeous suites.

4. Innate Midwifery

Innate Midwifery was recommended by a friend. She personally loved their suites and loved Katia who is one their midwives. She said she would trust her to handle an emergency situation and any important decisions. That’s why I decided to add this center to my list for you. They are conveniently located in 4359 S. Highland Drive, Holladay, UT 84124. Offers both In home and in facility delivery. Read more about their services and midwives here.

10 questions to ask while your maternity facility tour

  1. What are the credentials of the midwives who practice here? Are they licensed to practice in this state?
  2. Ask about their services, prenatal visits and postpartum care, support during your pregnancy, insurance coverage etc.
  3. Do they have any policies that limit the number of people who may be with you during labor and birth?
  4. Do they have available trained labor support (Doulas) during labor and birth? Do they encourage the use of Doula care? Also ask if you could bring your own Doula?
  5. What are their usual policies and practices about: IVs (intravenous therapy ) during labor? Medication options etc.
  6. Talk about being active and moving about in labor, positions, options they have to help you and also ask about eating and drinking.
  7. How do they monitor the well-being of the mother and baby during labor? If a transfer becomes necessary at any point, what hospital would they use? Can they arrange for you to take a hospital tour?
  8. Are they certified in neonatal resuscitation? What kind of resuscitation equipment is available at the birth center?
  9. Would their midwife be able to be involved with your care if you are transferred to a hospital? It will be a great idea to find out the average transfer cost.
  10. How long will you stay after giving birth? Are there any on call services for you if you need help when you get discharged from their center?

I hope this post is helpful when finding the right birth center for you and your family and If you’re currently making your birth plan, then don’t forget to plan some pictures! I’m a Utah Newborn Photographer and love working with families to make sure they have beautiful memories of this fleeting time. As a mom, I know that the newborn months can feel a bit overwhelming, therefore I love creating relaxing photo sessions so that you can have beautiful pictures of this time without all the stress that goes into planning family photos. I would love to connect.

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